UP’s Powerless Village Casts a Shadow on 100% Electrification Claim

With a final encampment of Leisang in Manipur being connected to a energy grid, India achieved a desirous aim of 100 percent electrification.

Even yet Prime Minister Narendra Modi hailed it as a “historic day in a growth tour of India”, a story of Kodra encampment showcases a opposite reality.

Located on a limit of Sitapur and Barabanki districts in Uttar Pradesh, Kodra has not even seen a light tuber post-Independence.

The inhabitants lead their lives in a low light of lanterns. While this has taken a fee on students who are forced to finish their studies during day time, people from other villages are not penetrating on removing their daughters married in Kodra.

According to locals, electric poles were erected in a villages about dual years ago, though they never perceived electricity.

Speaking to News18, proprietor Sant Lal said, “We have been using from post to post for electricity though zero happened. Our kids wish to examine and turn doctors and engineers though how will they examine in a dark? People are not peaceful to marry off their daughters in a villages.”

A teen named Sarla pronounced her studies were removing influenced as she was forced to review in a light of an oil lamp.

At a time when a nation is creation strides towards Digital India, a inhabitants of Kodra are forced to transport to community villages to assign their mobile phones.

The sole solar row that came to their rescue progressing is no longer in a operative condition.

Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath had pronounced his supervision reserve electricity for 24 hours in cities and 18 hours in villages. But if a testimonies of a Kodra residents are anything to go by, a claims have depressed flat.

Speaking to News18, executive operative of Uttar Pradesh Power Corporation Limited (UPPCL) RK Mishra said,

“This is a really hapless situation. we will examine a matter with officials of a department.

“It will be guarded that group worked in a encampment and because work was left incomplete. If any default is found, a notice will be released to a agency. It will be ensured that a remaining work is finished soon.”

A encampment is deliberate electrified if 10% of a sum series of households have electricity. This is detached from a simple infrastructure and foundation of certain open centers of a village.

The Standing Committee on Energy (2013) had celebrated that according to this definition, a encampment would be called electrified even if adult to 90% households in it do not have a simple electricity connection.

However, in Kodra village, not a singular domicile has energy supply.

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