Unfed for Days, Beena, Mother of 3 Delhi Kids Who Died of Starvation, Sits Dazed as Visitors Come and Go

New Delhi: Beena, mom of a 3 children in Delhi’s Mandavali who died on Tuesday given of starvation sits silently in a 8ft x 4ft room. This is a same room where her father brought a family of 5 on Saturday. When she entered this room final week, she had her 3 daughters — all aged next 10 years — by her side along with her husband. Five days later, she has no one left with her.

Her daughters, aged eight, 4 and two, have died and her husband, who is an alcoholic, is blank given Wednesday when a girls were found fibbing passed in a pool of vomit.

The usually chairman she has in a name of family or crony is Narayan who used to work as a prepare though quit a pursuit on Saturday. When he got to know that Beena’s father Mangal Singh indispensable a place to stay after being thrown out of their prior chateau for non-payment of rent, he brought a family to his room.

The cramped, damp room rented out for Rs 2,500 now became a chateau for a six.

Narayan claims they had food on Monday night, however, dual autopsies have unsuccessful to find any snippet of food in a bodies of a 3 teenager girls.

While visitors, including politicians, have been entrance and going ever given a news pennyless out on Saturday, Narayan didn’t leave Beena’s side as he had betrothed to demeanour after her compartment Mangal returned.

Wearing a pinkish salwar suit, Beena looked confused while sitting on a waste cot. She was not certain because so many people were entrance to see her. Some were peeping inside by a usually window as 5 days ago when they changed in, a neighbours didn’t worry to check on a new family. But now, they all wish a glance of a lady who have mislaid all 3 children to starvation.

In a midst of complicated sleet that lashed a inhabitant collateral on Thursday, her neighbours during Talab Chowk in Mandavali kept staring during a residence and whispering. Some of them were even running a mediapersons to uncover them a room from where a 3 small children died of hunger. Some had also collected to get a glance of a politicians.

There were military crew for Beena’s confidence and also for a politicians who kept visiting via a day.

3 sisters found passed in Mandawali
The Mandavali community where 3 sisters were found passed on Wednesday. (PTI Photo)

One of a many politicians got fruits for her and also attempted to feed her though she was incompetent to eat, conjunction could she speak to anyone.

When she was questioned by a military about a locale of her husband, she couldn’t answer. She couldn’t even respond to some of a simple questions. Beena, too, is starving for days.

According to police, she is mentally unstable. Narayan told military that even in a past Mangal would go blank for days and come behind with money. He would work as a infrequent work to acquire money.

On Thursday, after a visits of a politicians, Beena was taken to a SDM bureau from where she was shifted to a hospital.

One of a neighbours, who saw a family changeable on Saturday, said, “Beena was not good a day a family changed here. She urinated in her salwar. Only once did we see her elder daughter go to school. we don’t know that propagandize it was. She was wearing a propagandize uniform and was carrying a bag on her back.”

While a initial postmortem news suggested a 3 kids died of starvation, a second autopsy was systematic during a GTB Hospital.

According to sanatorium sources, a second postmortem news also suggests genocide due to starvation. Their stomach was empty, pronounced a alloy on conditions of anonymity. Till a time of filing of this report, Beena’s father was nonetheless to be traced by Delhi Police.

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Article source: https://www.news18.com/news/india/unfed-for-days-beena-mother-of-3-delhi-kids-who-died-of-starvation-sits-dazed-as-visitors-come-and-go-1824961.html


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