The World Ends With You: Final Remix Coming to a Switch this October

I’ve been a fan of Square ever given a days of a Super Nintendo, though there was a brief time when we wasn’t. In my immature eyes, a post-Square Enix partnership days dusty adult foe in a JRPG market, pushed dual of a genre’s giants into complicity, and unsuccessful to furnish a quality, strange pretension for a good many years. As a kid, we loved Square… though loathed Square Enix.

The World Ends With You was a initial pretension to assistance drag a association behind into my good graces. This excellent, cult-classic Nintendo DS diversion came with all a musty and initial opinion of Square during a PlayStation, and now it’s entrance behind to a Nintendo Switch on Oct. 12.

Thankfully, a diversion also comes with many of a improvements done in a iOS port, generally a simplification of a game’s combat. As many hours as we sunk into this diversion via my Japanese panorama sight commute, we never once got a hang of traffic with fight on dual screens. The Switch chronicle will residence this issue, as good as supplement support for a Joy-Con controller and commune gameplay.

Article source: https://www.technobuffalo.com/2018/08/09/the-world-ends-with-you-switch-october/


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