Synology DiskStation DS218+ NAS Review

Over a final few years, we’ve reviewed a integrate of network-attached storage (NAS) inclination from Synology. We initial got a hands on a entry-level DS215j, one of a predecessors of a modern-day DS218j, and afterwards we tested a enterprise-focused DS716+II, that has given been succeeded by a DS718+. Synology is one of a heading manufacturers of NAS devices, providing versatile boxes that will find foster with enthusiasts as good as small- to medium-sized businesses.

We’ve used one of a prior reviews to report during length what a NAS is and who competence need one, so if we aren’t certain possibly we need one, we advise we read up before move further. The denote that we will be reviewing currently is a Synology DiskStation DS218+, that sits in between a dual models that we’ve reviewed earlier.

The DS218+ is a two-bay NAS that’s powered by an Intel Celeron J3355 dual-core processor able of speeds adult to 2.5 GHz. It has 2GB of DDR3L RAM that, Synology says, can be stretched by 4GB by utilising a second permitted memory slot. Like other Synology units, we can put 3.5-inch or 2.5-inch SATA drives (hard hoop or SSD) into any bay. The DS218+ supports drives of adult to 14TB each, giving we a limit inner tender ability of 28TB.

You get 3 USB 3.0 ports, 1 Gigabit Ethernet port, 1 eSATA port, and a duplicate symbol that can be used to fast duplicate information from an outmost drive, as we’ve described earlier.

The Synology DS218+ looks like a DS716+II/ DS718+ during a glance, yet this one has a front cover that has a bent to come lax rather easily.t slightest this isn’t something you’d be mucking about with on a daily basis. Like a siblings, a DS218+ is flattering unobtrusive, measuring 165mm x 108mm x 232.2 mm and weighing 1.3kg yet drives.

synology ds218 and front Synology


The fan does a decent pursuit of gripping a enclosing cold yet removing loud, yet with an handling heat operation of 5°C to 40°C we will wish to use it in comparatively cold environments, by Indian standards. Synology says a section is able of reaching speeds of adult to 113Mbps for encrypted reads and 112MBps while behaving encrypted writes, yet that depends on a accumulation of factors including a drives we use.

The DS218+ comes with a few enterprise-grade facilities such as AES-NI hardware encryption, a practical appurtenance manager, and a MailPlus Server permit permitting we to run a hosted email solution. It supports some-more indicate users in Synology’s Office, Drive, and Chat partnership apps as compared to other consumer NAS units in a company’s lineup, yet something like a DS718+ is apparently still a step-up. Synology has a clever portfolio of apps — called packages — that we can implement around a Package Centre, a arrange of App Store for your Synology NAS.

You can hunt for packages, crop by a store to see what catches your eye, and refurbish them, identical to a Mac App Store or a app stores on your mobile device. At a time of filing this review, around 60 packages were are permitted from Synology itself and roughly another 70 from third parties. You can also sideload packages from third-party sources. In a prior reviews, we’ve lonesome some of a consumer- and enterprise-focused Synology packages as good as apps for mobile devices.

As we’ve remarkable earlier, we are large fans of Download Station and Video Station — and their analogous mobile apps DS Get and DS Video — that we can use to download and conduct videos from a Internet, if we are someone who still likes progressing a internal library and haven’t switched entirely to streaming services. Just like a Synology DiskStation DS716+II that we reviewed a integrate of years back, a DS218+ supports 4K 30fps hardware transcoding, that means we can tide those H.265 files in their full excellence even if your customer doesn’t support a format. Do note that a accurate resolutions we can tide during will also count on a capabilities of your client. Synology has a permitted table on a website if we wish to get into a finer sum of a formats/ resolutions and we can also examination some-more about transcoding in a Synology DS 716+II review.

synology ds218 and behind Synology


Moments is a comparatively new print government app, that Synology believes will find foster with a normal user, as against to a Photo Station app, that has facilities that are geared some-more towards a professional. We found this split a tiny strange, generally given a dual apps say their possess databases and there’s no proceed to share photos between them. So, for example, if we have been regulating a Photo Station app for some time, and now wish to make use of some of a new facilities that Moments offers — such as face approval — we can’t do that yet importing all your photos from scratch.

Getting photos into a Moments app isn’t accurately seamless either. Strangely, there’s no proceed to indicate a Moments app to a plcae on your Synology device that already has some photos and let it import them in a background. You need to use a Web uploader from a browser on your desktop, or drag a photos into a browser window. Alternatively, we can use a Moments app for Android or iOS to send photos from your smartphone into a Moments database, that is flattering identical to uploading your cinema to a cloud use like Google Photos. Photos are uploaded in full resolution, and all EXIF information is preserved.

Once we have your photos imported, , things work a lot better. Moments groups your photos by Faces, Subjects, and Places, and we found a face approval to be adult there with a best apps that we’ve used. Unfortunately, there doesn’t seem to be a proceed of retraining a app in box of a (rare) fake positive. The Places underline also works as advertised, charity a perspective of your photos grouped by location.

synology moments app SynologyPhotos (left), Subjects (middle), and Places in Synology’s Moments app for Android


However, a Subjects underline is a bit underwhelming, as Moments seems to have usually a tiny preset list of ‘subjects’ including Cat, Dog, and Ocean, and there’s no proceed to hunt for objects over that. This is identical to how Apple has implemented intent approval on Photos for iOS and macOS, as against to Google’s some-more stretchable proceed that lets we hunt for even capricious things such as ‘yellow mug’. It also doesn’t understanding good with some of a localised stuff. For example, we alien a garland of marriage photos into Moments, yet usually one of them was found underneath a theme ‘Wedding’. Moments, of course, lets we hunt by plcae and a people it identifies, and we can share any of a photos with anyone on a Internet with a integrate of clicks.

The simple thought behind Synology’s Moments app is to offer a simple functionality of Google Photos on a private cloud where we horde and control all your possess data, yet a app is clearly a work in swell and lacks a gloss of some of a some-more mature Synology offerings, such as DS Video.

The facilities we described above are permitted around Moments’ Web-based interface on your desktop, and also a Moments app for iOS and Android. Do note that your knowledge regulating a mobile app will count mostly on a Internet speed of a home/ bureau where a Synology NAS is plugged in, given a app needs to constantly speak to your NAS unit.

Synology’s EZ-Internet package creates it easy to make a essence of your Synology section to be permitted around a Internet — that it will apparently be compulsory need to be for facilities like remote upload to work — by opening a compulsory ports on your router. We attempted a app with 4 opposite routers during a generation of a examination period, contrast and EZ-Internet worked exquisitely with all of them.

synology moments app settings SynologyVarious controls charity by Synology’s Moments app for Android


Another app that aims to replicate a Google charity is Synology’s Drive, that is functionally homogeneous to cloud storage solutions like Dropbox and Google’s app by a same name. While a app doesn’t offer any additional functionality that would make we wish to use it over a some-more determined open options, if we work in an organization where it is critical for information to be underneath your control finish to end, or if we are an particular user who values a remoteness that comes with hosting your possess data, Drive is value considering. Of course, we are afterwards obliged for all your possess backups and a earthy confidence of your NAS, in box of healthy disasters, theft, energy surges, and hoop failure, yet Synology has a package that creates subsidy adult a essence of your NAS to a cloud flattering seamless.

Our knowledge regulating Drive was flattering smooth, both while regulating computers on a same home network as a Synology, as good as from remote locations, with a syncing operative as we expected. Synology has expelled local apps for macOS, Windows, and Linux as good as mobile apps for Android and iOS. While Drive does a good pursuit of progressing chronicle histories of all papers we work on in any common folder, a default dispute fortitude settings didn’t work as we approaching them to.

By default Drive is configured to “Keep a latest mutated version” and rename rejected versions in sequence to safety them, yet we beheld that it usually did a former (i.e. safety a changes done by whoever saved a request last) yet there was no denote that there had been a conflict. We could still go behind to a chronicle story of a request — permitted around a Web and even around Finder/ Explorer on a mechanism — yet yet any denote that there had been a conflict, we were doubtful to go digging and so risked losing someone’s changes. Changing a dispute fortitude environment to “Keep a chronicle on a server” around a settings of a Drive program on any customer done a underline work as expected, and we saw another duplicate of a same request cocktail adult in a folder, identical to how Dropbox and other storage providers hoop such scenarios.

synology expostulate chronicle story SynologyDocument story as confirmed by Synology’s Drive (seen in Finder on macOS)


You also get facilities like resourceful sync i.e. we can collect accurately that files and folders we wish to sync on any machine, one-click pity of files/ folders with others around a Web, and even formation with Synology’s Office, a Web-based partnership apartment that lets we emanate and revise documents, spreadsheets, and slides. It’s permitted around a Web-based Drive customer and is good if we combine usually within your organization and have everybody regulating Drive and Office as their primary platform. However, if we use Microsoft’s Office apps, we will need to constantly modify your files to/ from a formats that Drive uses. Throw in a fact that Drive’s mobile apps don’t support modifying papers — and there are no Synology Office mobile apps — it competence be a bit juvenile for many organisations during this stage.

The Synology DS218+ is labelled in India during Rs. 32,799, yet it seems to be retailing around a company’s certified online partner Amazon India during a slight reward during a moment. This is a decent NAS choice for medium-sized businesses that are looking for enterprise-grade facilities and don’t wish to spend on something like a DS718+ (Rs. 42,399). While a 4K transcoding underline of a DS218+ will interest to consumers, a rest of a facilities competence be an profusion for most, and they competence wish to cruise one of a some-more affordable options such as a DS218 Play (Rs. 23,699), yet a transcoding capabilities are limited as compared to a DS718+. Of course, as we’ve explained before, flattering most each Synology NAS will let we tide videos to clients that don’t need any transcoding.

The ecosystem of Synology’s packages is permitted to all of a offerings, and that’s where a company’s biggest strength lies. While Moments and Drive might miss a majority of some of Synology’s other applications, a association has a good lane record of improving capabilities around program updates, and we are carefree about their future.

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