Siddaramaiah: Winnability corroborated by amicable probity usually criteria for Congress tickets

Armed with their bio-datas, determined possibilities from opposite Karnataka are pouring in during a Karnataka Pradesh Congress Committee (KPCC) Office on Queen’s Road in Bangaluru.

Those who try to dump names – observant they’re associated to this or that personality – get a organisation reply.

The Congress is giving out tickets usually to those who have that winning spark.

“Each and any chair means a lot in this election. He (or) she might be anyone, though a usually cause to get a sheet is winnability,” says Congress General Secretary KC Venugopal.

Chief Minister Siddaramaiah adds: “Winnability corroborated by amicable probity are usually criteria to get ticket(s).”

Meanwhile, there’s chaotic activity both inside and outward a bureau of G Parameshwara, a arch of a Karnataka Congress. He’s bustling supervising preparations for Rahul Gandhi’s Jana Ashirwad Yatre.

He says kin of a who’s who of a celebration have been seeking for tickets.

“There are during slightest 20-25 kin (or) children of leaders seeking for tickets, though we are looking during any constituency, not individualistically,” he tells India Today.

“We’ll see either they have ability to win and a ability to get a blessings of people of that sold subdivision or not.”

The Congress is even evaluating a 122 sitting MLAs.

“We have 122 sitting MLAs. We have evaluated them and if (there’s) somebody who who we feel is going to lose, they might be changed,” Parameshwara says. “Though we don’t consider there will be too many, so there shouldnt be any problem as distant (as) sitting MLAs are concerned, we however are evaluating them too.”

And a rest?

“For a remaining 100, we have already evaluated any (of the) constituencies. There are 26 constituencies where in a final choosing we mislaid with a domain of next 5,000 votes.”

“So, there is an event for them also. If they are still stability in that subdivision for final 5 years, we will like to give them an event too.”

Interestingly, a Congress has set adult a mixed turn claimant scanning system. The celebration is seeking reports about any subdivision and intensity possibilities by mixed channels.

“We are removing information from so many parameters like the inner surveys, the screening cabinet reports, workers reports, District Congress Committee reports. After consummate scanning and screening, good finalise the possibilities lists, Parameshwara says.

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Article source: https://www.indiatoday.in/assembly-elections-2018/karnataka-assembly-election-2018/story/siddaramaiah-winnability-backed-by-social-justice-only-criteria-for-congress-tickets-1206708-2018-04-07?utm_source=rss


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