‘Shivraj Chouhan’s announcements are like Sachin’s runs’: Rahul Gandhi attacks BJP govt in poll-bound MP

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Congress President Rahul Gandhi during a roadshow in Bhopal

Congress President Rahul Gandhi on Monday pounded BJP supervision in poll-bound Madhya Pradesh during his convene in state collateral Bhopal. Taking a puncture during Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan,  Gandhi drew a together between his announcements and a runs scored by a batting conductor Sachin Tendulkar.  

“You all have famous about Tendulkar. Whenever he played any innings, everybody was positive that he will measure during slightest 50, 60, 70 or 100 runs.

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“Here, in Madhya Pradesh, there is a run appurtenance famous as a state arch minister, Shivraj Singh Chouhan who creates announcements with a same pace,” Gandhi said.  He pronounced Chouhan has finished 21,000 announcements so distant “but zero happened”.

He afterwards asked a gathering, “What we have got?  Madhya Pradesh ranks initial in unemployment, rapes, gauntness and crime opposite women, Gandhi alleged.

The Congress arch also termed a demonetisation as a “biggest scam” of a Modi supervision to modify black income into white.  

Gandhi was addressing a open open in Bhopal after holding a 15 kilometre roadshow to kickstart a Congress’ debate for a open polls slated after this year.

He hold a four-hour-long roadshow after behaving ‘puja’ and holding blessings from 11 priests.  Traveling in a bus, a 48-year-old personality criss-crossed several areas of Bhopal, flitting by a roads that were flashy and had celebration banners like a ones describing Gandhi as a ‘Shiv bhakt’ (a advocate of Lord Shiva).  

India Tv - Bhopal: A organisation of supporters during Congress President Rahul Gandhi's roadshow

Image Source : PTI

Bhopal: A organisation of supporters during Congress President Rahul Gandhi’s roadshow

The roadshow was a practical launch of a Congress debate for a open polls slated after this year, in that his celebration has a tought charge of dislodging a BJP that has been statute a state for a final 15 years.  

Thousands of Congress workers and internal residents flanked a roads and jostled to locate a glance of Gandhi, who was accompanied by comparison celebration leaders, including state Congress boss Kamal Nath and state party’s debate row authority Jyotiraditya Scindia.

India Tv - Bhopal: Congress President Rahul Gandhi and celebration personality Jyotiraditya Scindia accommodate a supporters during a roadshow

Image Source : PTI

Bhopal: Congress President Rahul Gandhi and celebration personality Jyotiraditya Scindia accommodate a supporters during a roadshow

En route, he had a brief hindrance to have tea and ‘samosa’ during a roadside case nearby Sadar Manzil. He also acted for a selfie with a tea case owners and his staff, Congress MLA from Indore Jitu Patwari told PTI.  

After a roadshow, Gandhi addressed a open meeting, during that he pounded a Modi supervision over demonetisation, GST, Rafale warrior understanding and plantation loan waiver.  

“Demonetisation was a biggest fraud that a supervision of Prime Minister Narendra Modi has undertaken in 4 years that a Congress had not finished in a final 70 years,” a Congress personality pronounced during a BHEL Dusshera Maidan.  Modi had on Nov 8, 2016 announced demonetisation, underneath that a Rs 500 and Rs 1000 banking records existent afterwards were scrapped with evident effect.  

“The fraud was directed during holding out income from a tiny traders to put into a pockets of 15 richest persons of a country,” Gandhi alleged.

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He asked a gathering, “Have we seen people like Vijay Mallya or Anil Ambani station in queues after demonetization?”

Only a honest people of a nation stood in a queues, he said.

He claimed that a BJP-led supervision has waived loans value Rs 1.5 lakh crore that was a NPA of 15 vast industries.

He questioned because a loans of farmers, who “have borrowed only Rs 5000”, could not be waived.  “Those who took loans in lakhs and crores were called as ‘Non-Performing Assets (NPA)’, though when a rancher fails to compensate Rs 5000 loan, we tenure him as ‘defaulter’,” Gandhi said. 

 “When Congress comes to energy in a country, it will relinquish a whole loan of farmers. The Congress had already finished so by waiving Rs 70,000 crore loan progressing of a peasants,” he said.

Describing GST (Goods and Services Tax) as ‘Gabbar Singh Tax’, Gandhi purported that it too was an try to take out income from a tiny traders for putting into a slot of 15 richest persons of India.

Referring to a Rafale warrior jet deal, a Congress boss claimed that a Prime Minister had unsuccessful to see in his (Rahuls) eye when he “questioned” him in a Lok Sabha on a issue.

“When we was lifting a Rafale understanding emanate in Parliament, we asked Modiji because his supervision has purchased these planes in Rs 1600 crore in place of Rs 700 crore, because he had given a agreement to a association owned by Anil Ambani,” Gandhi said.  Ambani has already deserted Rahul Gandhi’s allegations and emphasised that a supervision had no purpose in a Rafale-manufacturer French association Dassault picking adult his association as a internal partner.

“I was looking into Modiji’s eyes. But he was looking right, left, adult and down and never determined an eye hit on a issue,” Gandhi claimed.

He also pronounced that if a Congress comes to power, it will safeguard that mobile phones and other equipment will be made here underneath ‘Made-in-Madhya Pradesh’ and ‘Made-in-Bhopal for generating jobs for a youth.  Before hopping on to a train for a roadshow, Gandhi achieved a ‘puja’ and took blessings from 11 Hindu priests amid chanting of mantras.

Gandhi’s roadshow, after flitting by a categorical streets of a city, resolved during a Bharat Heavy Electricals Ltd’s Dussehra Maidan during around 5 pm.

A vast series of confidence crew were deployed along a track of Gandhi’s roadshow. Besides a unchanging military force, an additional 1,500 policemen manned a streets of Bhopal, military officials said.

Security crew were seen carrying a tough time in ensuring a well-spoken thoroughfare for Gandhi’s car amid a swarming roads.

Earlier, Gandhi was perceived during a airfield by Nath and Scindia among others.

As he stepped out of a airport, scores of Congress workers holding a celebration dwindle chanted “Rahul Gandhi Zindabad”.

The Congress boss recently returned from a event to Kailash Mansarovar. As partial of a pilgrimage, devotees commence an strenuous tour to Mount Kailash, that is deliberate a headquarters of Lord Shiva in Hindu mythology.

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