Shakeela to make cameo in her biopic

Shakeela to make cameo in her biopic
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Shakeela to make cameo in her biopic

A biopic on southern film industry’s adult film star Shakeela will see her play a cameo. Director Indrajit Lankesh is helming a movie, that stars Richa Chadha in a purpose of Shakeela, who was renouned in southern showbiz in a 1990s and continues to work even today.

Before commencing a film’s shooting, Richa had a event with Shakeela in Bengaluru to know a nuances. Seeing a intercourse between both a actors and also to honour Shakeela’s popularity, Lankesh roped in a genuine Shakeela for a cameo in a film.

Lankesh pronounced in a statement: “I always wanted to make a film on Shakeela. we was immensely tender with her on-screen and off shade personality.

“I wanted to execute her story, a hardships and severe proviso when she was not removing films and was perplexing for impression roles. we wanted to uncover a loyal story behind a luminary Shakeela.”

He pronounced Shakeela has been an constituent partial of a creation of a film as she gave a group minute insights into her life.

“Even Richa got to spend time with her, know her character of talking, her physique denunciation and such nuances. In fact, when she came on set, she gave us really engaging insights like about a art instruction and how her residence was and is in genuine life,” Lankesh added.

He pronounced it was good to fire Shakeela for a biopic, yet this is not a initial time he has worked with her.

“I have shot with her in a past for another film of cave in 2003. That sparked an seductiveness in me to make a film on her and in 2015 after conceiving a thought of creation a film on her, we met her and realised my dream.

“I feel each lady and lady who wants to be an singer should see her story, to know what she went by to turn an singer and how it was such a constrained rags to cache to rags story of her life.”

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