"Resign Or Die": Hizbul’s Video Threat To Jammu And Kashmir Security Men


A day after an Army jawan was shot passed by Hizbul Mujahideen, a apprehension organisation has threatened confidence crew in Jammu and Kashmir to presumably renounce or get prepared to be killed. The hazard came by a video in that a man, presumably a internal commander, can be listened vocalization in Kashmiri language. As a collage of images of Jammu and Kashmir military plays, a voice asks a crew – paramilitary or internal military — to contention their resignations within 4 days.

“Upload your resignations on a internet or face a consequences,” a internal conduct of Umar Majeed group, an appendage of Hizbul Mujahideen, is listened saying.

NDTV can’t determine a flawlessness of a video.

Security officials contend that posters carrying threats have also come adult in many villages. “The hazard released by tiny videos and posters doesn’t seem to be really serious, though really has power to means critical concerns,” a comparison Home Ministry central told NDTV.

According to a official, these videos have left viral in a final 12 hours and a method is disturbed about a repercussions.

Director General of Police (DGP) Dilbagh Singh, who refused to criticism on a threat, pronounced they are holding compulsory steps.

A territorial Army soldier, who had returned home in south Kashmir’s Kulgam for his son’s funeral, was killed by terrorists on Monday. The gunmen barged into his home in Shurat encampment and shot him.

Officials contend Lance Naik Mukhtar Ahmad Malik was a commander of a disbanded counter-insurgency organisation before he was recruited in a territorial Army.

He was a latest off-duty infantryman to be killed by terrorists in Kashmir. In a final one year, several off-duty crew have been killed in their homes in south Kashmir, a segment heavily filthy by terrorism.

The military contend that they have identified his killers and efforts are on to seize them.

As many as 190 incidents of assault have been reported in a final 3 months. At slightest 65 of them were reported in Aug in that 14 confidence crew and 28 terrorists were killed.

Thirty 3 confidence officials, 63 terrorists and 16 civilians have been killed given June.

“The whole counter-insurgency grid in Jammu and Kashmir is run with assistance of confidence personnel. Most of them are locals. Terrorists are perplexing to pull a military to a corner. We are behaving on it, though as of now threats are some-more on amicable media than on ground,” a comparison central concerned in counter-insurgency operations told NDTV.

After a Amarnath Yatra got over final month, a power of assault has come down.

“There has been a poignant drop in a turn of violence. Random grenade attacks and several low-key attacks have been reported in a final few weeks,” a comparison officer said.

He combined that anti-terrorist operations have left up, that is creation certain groups restless. “The Umar Majid group, that has suffered a lot recently, is removing desperate. They are a ones who are arising threats now,” he said.

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