Resident Evil Games Swarming on to a Switch in 2019

There should be no doubt about me being stoked. Resident Evil 4 is still one of a best presence horror/shooter games ever made, and notwithstanding large games building on a substructure it laid down, it still feels usually as good as it did over a decade ago.

Coming to a unstable console for a initial time usually creates this recover some-more appealing.

As for a other games, we like Resident Evil, though I’m not certain if we do adequate for another squeeze usually yet. The PlayStation 3 is still viable adequate for that one. The same goes for Resident Evil 0, that I’m not that large a fan of.

We’ll let we know some-more once Capcom lets us know. Keep an eye out for Resident Evil 4, Resident Evil, and Resident Evil 0 on a Nintendo Switch in 2019.

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