On This Day In Space! Jun 18, 1983: Sally Ride Becomes 1st American Woman in Space

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On Jun 18, 1983, NASA astronaut Sally Ride became America’s initial lady in space after she and 4 colleagues bloody off on a space convey Challenger for a STS-7 mission. The astronauts spent 6 days in space deployed dual communications satellites for Indonesia and Canada.

This Pride, Be Inspired by Sally Ride’s Legacy

Ride became a initial lady to work Canadarm, a shuttle’s robotic arm. She used it to muster a Shuttle Pallet Satellite that was installed with scholarship experiments, and after used it again to move a satellite behind inside a shuttle. They returned to Earth on Jun 24. [Sally Ride: First American Woman in Space ]

Sally Ride, America's initial lady in space, looks out a brazen windows of a space convey Challenger in Jun 1983.
Credit: NASA

Ride after became a initial American lady to transport a second time when she launched on another Challenger mission, STS-41G, in 1984. Ride also served as boss of from 1999 to 2000. In 2012, Ride died during age 61 due to pancreatic cancer.

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