NASA Has a Wild Idea to Send 1 Probe to 7 Different Asteroids and It Could Launch In 2021

A NASA goal designed to investigate a whopping 7 opposite asteroids in one shot has strictly been given a report and bill by a group after successfully flitting a essential review.

That mission, called Lucy, is now due to launch in Oct 2021, when it will start a 12-year moody by a solar system. Along a way, it will revisit one intent in a asteroid belt and 6 opposite asteroids in a clumps that convey and follow Jupiter, called Trojan asteroids.

“Up until now this goal has wholly been on paper,” Hal Levison, an astronomer during a Southwest Research Institute and principal questioner of a Lucy mission, said in a NASA statement. “Now we have a go forward to indeed cut steel and start putting this booster together.”

The goal takes a name from a famous womanlike hoary specimen of Australopithecus afarensis, an early relations of humans. The name was selected formed on scientists’ hopes that study these asteroids will gleam light on a beginning days of a solar system.

That’s since Lucy will pitch by a stunning variety of solar-system artifacts. First, in 2025, it will stop by a categorical asteroid belt between Mars and Jupiter. Then, it will continue on toward Jupiter, that orbits a object pound between dual clumps of Trojan asteroids. Between 2027 and 2033, Lucy will fly by 6 opposite asteroids, including 3 opposite subclasses and dual objects that stagger around any other in a binary pair.

When Lucy finally launches, it will join a ranks of other NASA missions that have sought a mysteries of a solar complement within asteroids, including a Dawn mission, that is finale a tour during dwarf world Ceres, and a OSIRIS-REx mission, that is only now reaching an asteroid called Bennu.

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