Naagin 3: Snake lady woos her human-love with Bieber’s unison tickets this weekend

Snake lady woos her human-love with Bieber’s unison tickets


Undeniable, Naagin 3 is insanely a many renouned uncover on a Indian television. With a abnormal tract operative a approach into each household, Naagin 3 has managed to tip a TRP charts in no time. While people are amatory a show, one should really ask if a story creates any sense?

The uncover was behind on TV this weekend and a tract left no mill unturned to make us go insane with a insanity. The part starts with Bella determining to leave her father Yuvi since she held him carrying drinks with Vish. For Bella, it is excellent if her father is feeling adult women on a marriage day though it is not okay that he is sipping booze with a parai Naagin.

After saying Bela jealous him and meditative of withdrawal him, Yuvi consoles her and says he was unresolved out with Vish since he was shaken and perplexing to confuse himself. Of course, a small reparation and stimulating eyes of a male is adequate to make a lady tumble foolishly behind in love.

If this was not enough, after in a hotel, Yuvi receives an unknown minute from a lady seeking him to come and accommodate her. Unaware of a fact that it is Vish’s devise to kill him, he goes. Vish transforms into Raavi and asks Yuvi to come into a car. While a whole family is looking for a husband Yuvi, he is on his possess journey with Vish (or Raavi).

The naagin takes him to an removed place and afterwards reveals her strange face. Like any normal being, Yuvi is shocked and runs for his life though Vish chases him and tells him that she is a Naagin and reminds him of his wrongdoing. Later she kills Yuvi.

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