Lower Courts Have Over 22 Lakh Cases Pending For Over 10 Years: Report

New Delhi: 


Over 22 lakh cases, that are over a decade old, are tentative in several subordinate courts of a country, latest central information shows.

These cases consecrate 8.29 per cent of a sum scarcely 2.50 crore cases tentative in a revoke courts.

According to a National Judicial Data Grid, as on Monday, Sep 17, a sum of 22,90,364 cases, that are 10 years or older, are tentative in a revoke courts.

Of these, 5,97,595 or scarcely 5.97 lakh cases are polite in inlet and 16,92,769 or 16.92 lakh are rapist in nature.

Civil cases customarily engage private disputes between persons or organisations.

Criminal cases engage an movement that is deliberate to be damaging to multitude as a whole, according to a clarification accessible on Find Law.

The National Judicial Data Grid (NJDG) is a partial of a persisting e-Courts Integrated Mission Mode Project. The NJDG works as a monitoring apparatus to identify, conduct and revoke pendency of cases.

The e-Committee of a Supreme Court had launched a National Judicial Data Grid to yield information on cases tentative in a district courts opposite a country.

The information is segregated into polite and rapist cases and serve damaged down on a basement of a series of years a cases have been pending.

The Centre has been propelling arch justices of a 24 high courts to fast-track cases that are tentative for some-more than 10 years.

Successive kinship law ministers have been requesting a high courts to physically determine a tentative cases in a revoke courts underneath their jurisdiction.

Usual attempts to revoke pendency embody augmenting a series of judges or formulating additional benches.

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