Lenovo Smart Display Review: Every Living Room Should Have One

If you’ve ever used a Google Home device, we know how absolute Google Assistant is. Imagine that same experience, though with a display. You can do all from watch HBO Now to correlate with Google Routines. Whatever use your Google Home works with, a Lenovo Smart Display works with, too.

That being said, a Smart Display doesn’t run apps per se. Like Amazon’s Echo Show, Lenovo’s device is particularly for displaying information and content. There’s no app store to navigate or a grid of icons to tap.

In sequence to use a device to a fullest potential, you’ll wish to a bond several services we use—YouTube, Netflix, Spotify, etc.—which can be finished by a Google Home app for Android or iOS.

Once we get all connected, a Smart Display becomes impossibly powerful. You can binge your favorite Netflix uncover while we rinse a dishes, or locate adult on news by saying, “Hey Google, play a news.” And when we ask for a collateral of a country, you’ll get a good visualization, creation a knowledge most some-more immersive.

When a Smart Display is on a default home screen, information will be displayed in cards. As we write this, we can see a continue prominently displayed for my area, arriving calendar events, and discerning links to my tip playlists on Spotify. The arrangement will also uncover a horde of other information, such as directions, photos, recipes, and video calls by Duo.

Out of a many services a Smart Display does support, YouTube is by distant a biggest. It’s a poignant inclusion deliberation YouTube was pulled from Amazon’s Echo Show final year following a brawl between a dual companies. It gives a Smart Display a outrageous advantage over a Show.

Article source: https://www.technobuffalo.com/reviews/lenovo-smart-display-review/


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