Kathua Rape Case: Main Accused Sanji Ram Planned Girl’s Murder to Save Son, Say Investigators

Jammu: Police questioning a rape and murder of an eight-year-old lady in Kathua contend that Sanji Ram, one of a categorical accused, has told them during inquire that he learnt about a rape 4 days after her abduction, and motionless to have her killed since his son was also concerned in a passionate assault.

The investigators contend a girl, who was kidnapped on Jan 10, was initial raped a same day by Ram’s nephew, a juvenile, and was killed on Jan 14. Her physique was found on Jan 17 in a forest.

Along with a juvenile, Ram and his son Vishal, 5 others have been charged in a case, that has jarred a republic and led to a supervision promulgating an bidding mandating genocide judgment for a rape of a child aged 12 and below.

The investigators told PTI that a girl, from a Muslim Bakarwal community, was kept in a devisthan’, a tiny temple, where Ram was a custodian. The aim of a abduction was to shock and expostulate divided a winding Gujjar and Bakarwal communities from a Hindu dominated area, they said.

Ram’s counsel Ankur Sharma refused to criticism on a investigators’ chronicle of a incidents, observant it would not be suitable for him to plead counterclaim strategy. At slightest a counterclaim counsel should not be commenting on a merits of a case. It is like leaking your plan as a counterclaim lawyer, he told PTI.

Sanjhi claims he found out about a passionate attack usually on Jan 13 when a nephew confessed to him, according to a investigators. He told them that he had achieved prayers during a ‘devisthan’, and asked his nephew to take prasad home. But a nephew behind doing so, and in annoy Ram kick him up, investigators said.

However, a youthful suspicion his uncle had found out that he had raped a girl, and spilled a beans, they said. They explain a youthful also concerned his cousin, Vishal, observant they both had raped a lady inside a devisthan’.

It was afterwards that Ram motionless that time was developed to kill a lady so as to grasp a ultimate idea of scaring divided a nomads, according to a chargesheet filed in a case.

Investigators contend Ram also assured his nephew to confess to a crime.

On a inserted night of Jan 13 and 14, a juvenile, Vishal and a friend, Parvesh Kumar alias Mannu, took a plant out of a ‘devisthan’. They were after assimilated by a special military officer Deepak Khajuria who wanted to rape her once some-more before she was killed, they said.

She was murdered on Jan 14 as Ram did not wish to leave any justification that led to his son, investigators have found.

But things did not go utterly as planned, they said.

The physique of a child was to be ecstatic and likely of in a Hiranagar waterway nearby. However, a automobile could not be organised in time. The juvenile, Vishal, Khajuria and Mannu carried a physique and took it behind to a ‘devisthan’ while Ram kept watch outside, a chargesheet said.

Further investigations showed that Ram told his nephew and his son a subsequent day that his crony had refused to move a automobile so a dual had to chuck it in a jungle.

Preparations for a abduction had started on Jan 7 when sedatives and ‘manar’ (local cannabis or bhang) were purchased, a chargesheet said.

The child was sedated with ‘manar’ and kept in a ‘devisthan’ lonesome with a carpet and a mattress weighing scarcely 15 kg, investigators said.

A comparison military officer of a Crime Branch questioning a box consumed a ‘manar’ inscription in front of his colleagues and a medical group to know a outcome of a drug, it is learnt.

The chargesheets — a apart chargesheet was filed for a youthful — named Ram, his nephew, his son Vishal, SPOs Khajuria and Surender Verma and crony Mannu.

While Ram has been charged with murder, abduction and drop of evidence, Mannu has been charged with kidnapping. The other 3 have rape combined to a list of charges.

The chargesheet also names conduct deputy Tilak Raj and sub-inspector Anand Dutta – who allegedly took Rs. 4 lakh from Sanji Ram and broken essential evidence.

All of them have been charged underneath Section 120 B of a IPC for rapist conspiracy.

Investigators have also reconstructed a juvenile’s day after he likely of a body.

On a afternoon of Jan 15, after transfer a body, he assimilated other boys personification nearby a waterway in Hiranagar and told a friend, Amit Sharma, about a murder. Later that evening, he accompanied Vishal, who was returning to Meerut, to a station.

Ram, investigators claimed, also assured his underage nephew to confess to a crime though leave Vishal out of it, assuring him that he would get him expelled early from a remand home.

Later, according to a daily diary of a police, a youthful approached a superintendent of military and certified his guilt.

Amit Sharma’s matter has been available underneath Section 164 of a Criminal Procedure Code before a justice that is accessible in a justice as primary evidence.

On Jan 23, a supervision handed over a box to a Crime Branch of a state police, that shaped a Special Investigation Team and arrested a 8 people.

The indicted pleaded not guilty on a opening day of a conference in a principal district and sessions justice on Apr 16. The subsequent conference in a box is on Apr 28.

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Article source: https://www.news18.com/news/india/kathua-rape-case-main-accused-sanji-ram-planned-girls-murder-to-save-son-say-investigators-1732135.html


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