Is Modi obliged even if any dog dies in Karnataka?: Pramod Muthalik on PM’s overpower on Gauri Lankesh murder

Is Modi obliged even if any dog dies in Karnataka?: Pramod Muthalik on PM’s overpower on Guari Lankesh murder


Sri Ram Sena arch Pramod Muthalik indirectly compared maestro publisher Gauri Lankesh’s murder with a dog’s genocide on Sunday. Speaking during a open interactive programme in Bengaluru, Muthalik settled that Prime Minister Narendra Modi can't be approaching to critique ‘everytime a dog dies in Karnataka’. 

Muthalik, who was recently in questioned by a questioning agencies in tie with a murder case, combined that his organization did not have any purpose in a murder of Gauri Lankesh. 

“Everyone is observant that Hindu groups conspired to kill Gauri Lankesh. But dual murders in Maharashtra and dual in Karnataka took place during Congress’s regime. But no one is observant anything about a Congress government’s failure. Instead they ask because PM Modi has kept silent about her murder. Why should PM Modi react? Do we design Modi to respond everytime a dog dies in Karnataka?” Muthalik said.

The Sri Ram Sene chief’s matter drew critique from Congress personality Manish Tewari, who termed it ‘disgusting, nauseating, revolting’. 

“Disgusting,nauseating, revolting…vigilante organization Sri Ram Sene’s Head Pramod Muthalik compares assassinated publisher Gauri Lankesh to a dog. Mr Prime Minister @narendramodi we did not reject Gauri Lankesh’s murder are we now going to acquit this too (sic),” a Congress personality tweeted.

According to reports, he after simplified his critique saying that he did not make any approach comparison. He also combined that yet his organization had ideological differences with Gauri Lankesh, “We have not nor will we bob down to murdering that person.”

Sri Ram Sene came underneath military radar after one of a workman Parashuram Waghmare was requisitioned as a primary think in a journalist’s murder. Waghmare has reportedly confessed to crime. The 26-year-old claimed he didn’t know a temperament of a chairman he was killing. According to a TOI report, Waghmare said, “I was told in May 2017 we had to kill someone to save my religion. we agreed. we didn’t know who a plant was. Now, we feel that we should not have killed a woman.”

Waghmere reportedly pronounced he was ‘brainwashed’ into committing a crime. 

Gauri Lankesh, famous for her impassioned views was shot passed by dual bike-borne assailants outward her chateau on Sep 5, 2017.

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