Fuel Prices Hike Again, Petrol Threatens To Touch Rs 90 In Mumbai

New Delhi: 

Fuel prices nonetheless again witnessed a uninformed travel on Tuesday morning, with petrol and diesel being sole during Rs 82.16 and Rs 73.87 per litre respectively in a inhabitant capital.

The swell in fuel prices has influenced people in Mumbai a most, with petrol retailing during Rs 89.54 per litre and diesel during Rs 78.42 per litre.

While a litre of petrol is being sole for Rs 83.91 and diesel for Rs 75.53 in Kolkata, a petrol and diesel prices in Chennai rose to Rs 85.31 and Rs 78, respectively.

The consistent arise in fuel prices is strengthening citizens’ direct for government’s involvement in a matter.

The continual travel in a fuel cost is being witnessed from a past few days, causing most difficulty for a common people.

The Union Government has also been confronting slam in a past few weeks for not implementing difficult measures to quell prices.

The Centre has confirmed that outmost factors, including a arise in general wanton oil prices, are conversion domestic fuel prices.

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