Fraud examine group minute hints supervision behind ask to examine Videocon-ICICI link

Details of a trusted minute sent by a Serious Fraud Investigation Office (SFIO), Mumbai to a domicile in Feb prove that a supervision has been sitting on a ask of a SFIO to trigger a probe into a Videocon-ICICI bank link.

According to a minute antiquated Feb 27, a SFIO Mumbai bend sought “directions” from a conduct bureau in Delhi saying, “As a quantum concerned is several thousand crores and open income is involved, it will be correct if SFIO investigates this case”.

Even yet a CBI lodged a rough inquiry final week after India Today unprotected these allegations, what is startling is that other agencies such as SFIO were prepared to examine though were only available an central nod.

The SFIO minute is a initial denote of an organisation carrying finished a rough examine during slightest a month ago.

Sources contend a examine into several bank rascal cases is being closely monitored by a Prime Minister’s Office. Whistleblower Arvind Gupta had initial flagged a purported fraud to a Prime Minister in 2016.

The SFIO minute refers to Gupta’s censure that had supposing specific information on a purported impasse of promoters of Videocon group, CEO of ICICI bank and her family.

The minute says, “The censure sum about a modus operandi in that questionable exchange have taken place between a entities involved. The censure gives sum of corporate malpractices, oblique transactions, turn tripping of income etc.”

SFIO sources told India Today they are still available directions from a conduct office. The conduct bureau nor a corporate affairs method is peaceful to share a standing of a case. Repeated calls to SFIO, Delhi from India Today elicited no response. Sources in a Corporate Affairs Ministry had destined India Today to a SFIO, Delhi.

What’s also startling is a speed with that a CBI lodged a rough enquiry (PE) in a box final week. Most of a examination was in fact been finished final year in October. India Today had seen a duplicate of what a CBI examine had thrown up.

Sources in a Enforcement Directorate (ED) had told India Today that a files regarding to a box had been sought by a Head Office Intelligence Unit (HIU) of a ED in 2016.

HIU probes politically supportive cases involving high net value individuals. The ED has not begun a examine into a box so far.

Interestingly, accurately a month after a SFIO flagged “surreptitious transactions” during a bank, a Board of Directors reiterated their certainty in a CEO and gave her a purify chit.

While a CBI has begun a routine of doubt officials of a bank, Deepak Kochar and Videocon organisation of companies upholder Venugopal Dhoot will also be questioned. Chanda Kochar has not been named so far.

In a filing before a Bourses on Monday, a bank pronounced a house had met to examination a swell of vast “cases” tentative before a National Company Law Tribunal (NCLT). The annual assembly was prescheduled, it said.

Watch: Explained: Deepak Kochhar’s corner ventures with ICICI Bank borrower Venugopal Dhoot

Article source: https://www.indiatoday.in/india/story/letter-by-fraud-probe-agency-hints-government-delayed-request-to-probe-videocon-icici-link-1203350-2018-04-03?utm_source=rss


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