Day after Kejriwal`s `ripping` act, AAP accuses LG of dubious on CCTV project

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What are Cookies and Other Tracking Technologies?

A cookie is a tiny calm record that can be stored on and accessed from your device when we revisit one of a sites, to a border we agree.  The other tracking technologies work likewise to cookies and place tiny information files on your inclination or guard your website activity to capacitate us to collect information about how we use a sites. This allows a sites to commend your device from those of other users on a sites. The information supposing next about cookies also relates to these other tracking technologies.

How do a sites use Cookies and Other Tracking Technologies?

Zeenews.com use cookies and other technologies to store information in your web browser or on your mobile phone, tablet, computer, or other inclination (collectively “devices”) that concede us to store and accept certain pieces of information whenever we use or correlate with a zeenews.india.com applications and sites. Such cookies and other technologies helps us to brand we and your interests, to remember your preferences and to lane use of zeenews.india.com We also use cookies and other tracking technologies to control entrance to certain calm on a sites, strengthen a sites, and to routine any requests that we make to us.
We also use cookies to discharge a sites and for investigate purposes, zeenews.india.com also has engaged with third-party use providers to lane and analyse statistical use and volume information from a site users. These third-party use providers use determined Cookies to assistance us urge user experience, conduct a site content, and analyse how users navigate and implement a sites.

First and Third-party Cookies

First celebration cookies

These are those cookies that go to us and that we place on your device or are those set by a website that is being visited by a user during a time (e.g., cookies placed by zeenews.india.com)

Third-party cookies

Some facilities used on this website might engage a cookie being sent to your mechanism by a third party. For example, if we perspective or listen to any embedded audio or video calm we might be sent cookies from a site where a embedded calm is hosted. Likewise, if we share any calm on this website by amicable networks (for instance by clicking a Facebook “like” symbol or a “Tweet” button) we might be sent cookies from these websites. We do not control a environment of these cookies so greatfully check a websites of these third parties for some-more information about their cookies and how to conduct them.

Persistent Cookies
We use determined cookies to urge your knowledge of regulating a sites. This includes recording your acceptance of a cookie routine to mislay a cookie summary that initial appears when we revisit a site.
Session Cookies 
Session cookies are proxy and deleted from your appurtenance when your web browser closes. We use eventuality cookies to assistance us lane internet use as described above.
You might exclude to accept browser Cookies by activating a suitable environment on your browser. However, if we name this environment we might be incompetent to entrance certain tools of a sites. Unless we have practiced your browser environment so that it will exclude cookies, a complement will check if cookies can be prisoner when we approach your browser to a sites.
The information collected by a sites and/or by Cookies that might be placed on your mechanism will not be kept for longer than is required to do a functions mentioned above. In any event, such information will be kept in a database until we get pithy agree from we to mislay all a stored cookies.

We specify cookies as follows:

Essential Cookies

These cookie are essential to a site in sequence to capacitate we to pierce around it and to use a features. Without these essential cookies we might not be means to yield certain services or facilities and a site will not perform as uniformly for we as we would like. These cookies, for example, let us commend that we have combined an comment and have logged in/out to entrance site content. They also embody Cookies that capacitate us to remember your prior actions within a same browsing eventuality and secure a sites.

Analytical/Performance Cookies

These cookies are used by us or by a third-party use providers to analyse how a sites are used and how they are performing. For example, these cookies lane what calm are many frequently visited, your observation story and from what locations a visitors come from. If we concede to a newsletter or differently register with a Sites, these cookies might be correlated to you.

Functionality Cookies

These cookies let us work a sites in suitability with a choices we make. These cookies assent us to “remember you” in-between visits. For instance, we will commend your user name and remember how we customized a sites and services, for instance by adjusting calm size, fonts, languages and other tools of web pages that are alterable, and yield we with a same customizations during destiny visits.

Advertising Cookies

These cookies collect information about your activities on a sites as good as other sites to yield we targeted advertising. We might also concede a third-party use providers to use cookies on a sites for a same functions identified above, including collecting information about your online activities over time and opposite opposite websites. The third-party use providers that beget these cookies, such as, amicable media platforms, have their possess remoteness policies, and might use their cookies to aim announcement to we on other websites, formed on your revisit to a sites.

How do we exclude or repel my agree to a use of Cookies?

If we do not wish cookies to be forsaken on your device, we can adjust a environment of your Internet browser to reject a environment of all or some cookies and to warning we when a cookie is placed on your device. For serve information about how to do so, greatfully impute to your browser ‘help’ / ‘tool’ or ‘edit’ territory for cookie settings w.r.t your browser that might be Google Chrome, Safari, Mozilla Firefox etc.
Please note that if your browser environment is already setup to retard all cookies (including particularly required Cookies) we might not be means to entrance or use all or tools or functionalities of a sites.
If we wish to mislay previously-stored cookies, we can manually undo a cookies during any time from your browser settings. However, this will not forestall a sites from fixation serve cookies on your device unless and until we adjust your Internet browser environment as described above.
For some-more information on a growth of user-profiles and a use of targeting/advertising Cookies, greatfully see www.youronlinechoices.eu if we are located in Europe or www.aboutads.info/choices if in a United States.

Contact us

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Article source: http://zeenews.india.com/india/day-after-kejriwals-ripping-act-aap-accuses-lg-of-misleading-on-cctv-project-2128833.html


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