Dalit Protests Against Dilution of SC/ST Act Will go Padmaavat Way, Says Social Justice Minister

New Delhi: Thawar Chand Gehlot, a kinship apportion for Social Justice and Empowerment, believes that a aroused stir opposite a purported dilution of a SC/ST act that engulfed a republic on Monday would come to an finish shortly as a protesters would come to a realization that there is zero to criticism about.

Drawing to a together to a protests opposite a recover of Sanjay Leela Bhansali’s duration play Padmaavat, a apportion pronounced that when a Rajputs finally watched a film, they found that there was zero descent about a description of Queen Padamavti or Rajputs.

Similarly, he said, Dalits would realize they were wrong in meditative that a Narendra Modi supervision does not mount by them as a Centre has filed a examination petition opposite a Supreme Court’s statute that did divided with evident arrests in complaints filed underneath supplies of a SC/ST act.

The Mar 20 statute had been met with condemnation from Dalit groups, activists, antithesis parties and from NDA allies too, though a Centre’s viewed check in filing a examination petition caused a annoy to spin out of control, heading to a deaths of 8 people and arrests of thousands of people in several states during Monday’s Bharat Bandh.

Gehlot speaks to News18’s Eram Agha on a Bharat Bandh, a politicisation of a protests, a stairs supervision has taken to advantage SCs and STs, and more.

Bharat Bandh took a aroused turn. Are we disturbed that it will means a notice that a supervision is opposite SC/STs?

The SC/STs have assimilated BJP in large numbers and if we see a series of member from a SC ST credentials in a Parliament and State Assemblies, if we count a series of MLAs and MPs from a SC/ST background, we will know that BJP has their support. Some domestic parties suspicion that SC/ STs are with them. They combined a fake account and myth about it though a fact is these sections are with us. No matter how tough they try, law can't be suppressed.

But what about a protests?

The people are dissapoint with a Supreme Court’s decision. But a supervision has filed a examination petition, and we will remonstrate a people agitating about it. This is really identical to a restlessness during a time of Padmaavat movie. People protested opposite a film. After a film was released, they satisfied there was zero to worry about. In this box as well, people are observant there is something wrong though after a supervision filing a examination petition they will find that they were wrong in resorting to violence, and there was zero to criticism about.

Do we consider a protests are politically motivated? Mayawati pronounced that if supervision had acted on time afterwards this would not have happened.

Around 8 days ago, we sensitive a countrymen by media that a supervision will record a examination petition in this box of dilution of SC/ST Prevention of Atrocities Act. We pronounced that a supervision will do this, and there will be no need to come on streets. Under Narendra Modi’s care a rights of SC/STs are stable – haque aur strike banaa rahega (rights and advantages will be maintained). All that a Constitution grants to SC/STs will be protected.

I had also pronounced that there will be need to protest. But even afterwards this is what is happening… we meant demeanour during it, we are saying other domestic leaders entering a protests. It is utterly apparent that a protests are politically motivated.

According to Rahul Gandhi it is in a DNA of BJP/RSS to annoy a SC/STs – what do we have to say?

I have some points to make, and would like to ask Congress – because didn’t they do all of this? Firstly, a SC/ST Prevention of Atrocities Act 1989 has zero to do with Congress. This was brought in a time of VP Singh, who had a support of a BJP in 1989.

Secondly, it was satisfied that there were gaps in a Act – because didn’t a Congress do anything to urge a provisions? Thirdly, there was a preference taken in 1997 that had an inauspicious outcome on reservations of SCs and STs.

That supervision had a support of BSP and SP. If they wanted, they could have filed a examination petition. It was possibly during a time of IK Gujral or HD Deve Gowda. But no examination was filed. In 2000, when Atal Bihari Vajpayee became a Prime Minister a supplies were softened upon.

They did not honour Dr BR Ambedkar – he was given Bharat Ratna in VP Singh’s time. Narendra Modi supervision distinguished a year-long Ambedkar Jayanti, and on Republic Day there was a tableau on his life. This supervision identified a places critical to BR Ambedkar’s tour and identified them as Panchteerth. This supervision has filed a examination petition, because didn’t association do all of this? The supervision has also softened a budgetary stipend for sections of SCs and STs.

How did we strech this theatre where we were forced to record a examination petition?

When Supreme Court gave a outcome on a SC/ST Prevention of Atrocities Act 1989, it was taken severely by a government. They suspicion over it. we sent a record to a law method and after most of vichar vimarsh (discussion), a method authorised a examination petition to be filed.

The examination petition work had started though we had a prolonged mangle of 4 days. Today is a initial operative day after a break, and we started with filing a examination petition.

What do we consider about UGC’s share process that will revoke a series of SC/ST’s in training posts?

I have created to a apportion of tellurian apparatus development, Prakash Javadekar. He has pronounced there will be a rollback and reservation will be given by deliberation a university as a section and not a department. We will take this matter to a justice as well.

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Article source: https://www.news18.com/news/india/dalit-protests-against-dilution-of-scst-act-will-go-padmaavat-way-says-union-minister-thawar-chand-gehlot-1706065.html


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