‘Consensual relationship’: Former apportion MJ Akbar denies rape allegations by Indo-American lady journalist

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Series of allegations continue to be leveled opposite former apportion of state in a Narendra Modi supervision and a maestro publisher M J Akbar with another Indian-American lady journalist, who worked with him during Asian Age newspaper, entrance brazen to share her horrific experience. 

Responding to a accusations, Akbar certified carrying a “consensual relationship” with a publisher yet deserted allegations of rape and violence. Akbar’s mother also came out in his defence. In a apart matter Mallika Akbar discharged a allegations done in a Washington Post article, as a ‘lie’. 

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“I don’t know reasons for revelation this distortion yet a distortion it is,” Mallika Akbar said.

“On Oct 29, a Washington Post forwarded to my lawyers a array of mysterious and non-exclusive questions, per incidents purported to have taken place approximately 23 years ago. These allegations were fake and were hence denied,” Akbar said in a matter to ANI. 

“Somewhere around 1994, she and we entered into consensual attribute that spanned several months.This attribute gave arise to speak would after means struggle in my home life as well. This consensual attribute ended, maybe not on best note,” he added.

Akbar also pronounced that people who worked with him knew both of them and indicated to bear testimony to what a former apportion has stated. 

“People who worked with me and knew both of us have indicated that they would be happy to bear testimony to what is settled above and during no stage, did her behavior, give any one of them sense that she was operative underneath duress,” he said.

The journalist, in a square in Washington Post, common her knowledge of allegedly being sexually, verbally and emotionally abused by Akbar.

It contingency have been late open or summer of 1994, and we had left into his bureau — his doorway was mostly closed. we went to uncover him a op-ed page we had combined with what we suspicion were crafty headlines. He applauded my bid and unexpected lunged to lick me, wrote a journalist.

The second occurrence was a few months later, when we was summoned to Bombay to assistance launch a magazine. He called me to his room during a imagination Taj hotel, again to see a layouts. When he again came tighten to me to lick me, we fought him and pushed him away. He scratched my face as we ran away, tears streaming down, she combined further.

The publisher pity her third frightening confront with Akbar during a hotel in Jaipur, where she had left to cover a murdering of a immature couple, pronounced ” In his hotel room, even yet we fought him, he was physically some-more powerful. He ripped off my garments and raped me”.

Washington Post reached out to Sandeep Kapur, Akbar’s lawyer, for criticism on a accounts laid out in a square by a journalist. The counsel responded observant ” My customer states that these [incidents and allegations] are fake and specifically denied”.

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