Congress skeleton to replicate Rahul Gandhi’s Yatra indication for 2019 Lok Sabha check campaign

As a Congress gears adult for 2019 Lok Sabha polls, Rahul Gandhi’s ‘Yatra’ indication is a many talked about theme within a grand aged party.

Congress boss Rahul Gandhi’s dual yatras in Gujarat and Karnataka seem to have brought ‘navsarjan’ (rejuvenation) and ‘ashirwad’ (blessings) to a party.

Buoyed by a response to Rahul Gandhi’s yatras, a Congress is now formulation to replicate a indication for a 2019 Lok Sabha check campaign. Sources in a celebration pronounced that a Gandhi scion has already given a devise a immature signal.

A brainchild of a Congress boss himself, who wants to pierce a “cultural” change in a party, a ‘Yatra’ indication has authorised a grand aged celebration to bond with people and mangle a barriers between celebration workers and leaders.

“Rahulji always spoke about a informative change wherein he wanted a tip leaders sitting in Delhi to strech out to workers and open in remote corners of a country. These yatras have been successful in doing that, and have brought a much-need certain change within a celebration as good as softened a picture outside,” pronounced a comparison Congress personality from Gujarat.


Rahul Gandhi’s customised Isuzu bus, that lonesome a length and border of Gujarat and now Karnataka, has helped a Congress care during state as good inhabitant turn bond directly with a people.

It all started from Gujarat in Sep 2017 when an softened chronicle of Rahul Gandhi’s UP Kisan Yatra was implemented in a poll-bound state.

The party’s state care had suggested that Rahul Gandhi should possibly use a helicopter or a automobile to debate in Gujarat though a 47-year-old Congress personality dumbfounded all when he pronounced he would use a train to transport opposite a state.

Congress in-charge of Gujarat Rajeev Satav remembered, “Earlier, it was discussed that during a Gujarat campaign, Rahulji should also use a helicopter though he definitely settled that he wants a train wherein a whole care travels together and reaches out to a people.”

Choosing Dwarka to launch a Navsarjan Yatra in Gujarat was a vital move. Congress in-charge for Bihar Shaktisinh Gohil said, “Dwarka was picked since from there we started a ‘DharmaYudh’ with a BJP that will eventually finish in 2019 Lok Sabha choosing battle.”


According to sources, a Navsarjan Yatra and a Jana Ashirwad Yatra were in-house projects of a Congress. The suspicion was smallest investment and limit debate and ensured impasse of leaders from retard to inhabitant level.

People queued adult along a roads, and not only highways, to locate a glance of Rahul Gandhi and other leaders travelling in a bus. The train track extensively lonesome farming areas.

Big open meetings were few with a concentration mostly on holding tiny mohalla sabhas where tip leaders of a Congress, led by Rahul Gandhi, had approach communication with people.

To give a personal touch, Rahul Gandhi and other comparison Congress leaders stopped by during roadside dhabas for chai-dhokla in Gujarat and idli-dosa in Karnataka. Here, Rahul Gandhi acted with immature supporters as good as Congress workers for selfies.

The prolonged train journeys also gave adequate time to comparison leaders to discuss among themselves. In Rahul Gandhi’s presence, differences among leaders were immediately resolved and discerning decisions were taken–all this happened during a march of a train travel.

General secretary in-charge Karnataka KC Venugopal said, “One of a critical aspects of a Jana Ashirwad Yatra is that we have shown to a universe that a whole Karnataka Congress is one. Wherever Rahulji goes, he takes all a leaders together and this ‘United’ front is appreciated by workers as good as people.”


The Congress strategists perspective elections in Gujarat and Karnataka as phases of a large semi-final compare forward of a final 2019 Lok Sabha polls. Several ideas and strategies were tested during a choosing campaigns.

“The strategies that perceived good response and clicked good with people were taken note of and will be used during a 2019 Lok Sabha check campaign. We now have tested a ideas in genuine time. We know that devise will work among people,” pronounced Shaktisinh Gohil.

The Congress leaders say that a opening between tip care and workers was bridged to an border by these yatras.

“Usually, workers tirelessly work for a celebration though most appreciation though here a tip leadership, including Rahulji, was during a workers’ doorstep. The response from workers was unprecedented. They are charged up,” pronounced Satav.

“Congress arch (Gandhi) went to party’s district bureau (in Karnataka) and from there he started dialling retard presidents and counter cabinet office-bearers. Initially, workers suspicion it was farce. However, when they realised that they were indeed articulate to Rahulji over a phone, they were thrilled. In no time, people started entertainment during out bureau that differently wore a forlorn look,” pronounced AICC secretary Madhu Goud Yaskhi.

“This is a loyal energy of Jana Ashirwad Yatra,” pronounced Yaskhi, adding that it helped a care “connect with workers and make them conflict ready”.

The yatras authorised a Congress care to review a conditions on a belligerent and consider a principal antithesis party’s strength.

“The care is also examination what is function on a ground. Earlier, leaders from a state used to go and brief Delhi though now executive care is removing first-hand feedback. They are removing to know a beat of people during a grassroots,” pronounced Satav.

It seems a Congress underneath a new chief, Rahul Gandhi, might have finally found a ‘Yatra’ indication to take on a BJP.

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Article source: https://www.indiatoday.in/india/story/congress-plans-to-replicate-rahul-gandhi-s-yatra-model-for-2019-lok-sabha-poll-campaign-1210753-2018-04-12?utm_source=rss


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