Central Water Commission Ropes In Google To Forecast Floods

New Delhi:  The Central Water Commission (CWC) has entered into an agreement with Google to urge inundate foresee systems and disseminate flood-related information by regulating record grown by a tech giant.

“The beginning is expected to assistance predicament government agencies to understanding impassioned hydrological events in a improved manner. Under this agreement, a CWC and Google will share technical imagination in several fields, including geospatial mapping and research of hydrological regard data,” a Water Resources Ministry pronounced in an central statement.

The CWC, that is an peak technical organization in a margin of H2O resources, will use Google record to urge inundate prophecy systems and will also use tech giant’s earth engine to visualize and urge inundate management.

Water Resources apportion Nitin Gadkari also voiced wish that a partnership with Google will assistance in effective inundate government in India.

This beginning on inundate foresee is expected to accommodate a much-awaited direct of a inhabitants of a flood-prone areas for overflow warnings with sufficient lead time.

Till 2016, a CWC was disseminating inundate levels with limit lead time of one day. During a inundate deteriorate of 2017, a CWC resorted to rainfall-based modelling and released inundate advisories on a hearing basement with 3 days lead time.

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