Captain Marvel Trailer Breakdown: All a Secrets and Easter Eggs

Curiously, as Danvers is interacting with Fury, she talks about aged memories she has of her time on Earth—the trailer cuts between Danvers going by training as an Air Force commander and when she was most younger. We also get a discerning demeanour during Maria Rambeau (Lashana Lynch), one of her oldest friends and a associate Air Force pilot.

“I consider we had a life here,” Danvers tells Fury.

Then a trailer cuts to Danvers, presumably behind with a Kree, in some appurtenance that could be brainwashing her, that could explain because she has no memory of Earth. We cut to her with Starforce, where we get a good demeanour during Jude Law’s character, nonetheless Marvel still refuses to acknowledge his character’s name.

“We have no thought of what threats are out there,” Fury says, as we get a discerning glance during Skrull invaders on a beach.

Captain Marvel looms over an aged lady on a sight and afterwards clocks her in a head. It’s a intolerable moment, until we comprehend that a Skrull are able of shape-shifting, that means it contingency be a impulse when Danvers finds one sheltered as a human.

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