Boy Missing From Illegal Shelter Home for 3 Years, Nitish Kumar Administration Sleeps on Complaint

Patna: A self-proclaimed child rights romantic non-stop an bootleg preserve home during his possess residence in Bhojpur from where a teenager child went blank in 2015, though not even an FIR has been purebred in a box so far.

The district court had endorsed a amicable gratification method to trigger movement in 2016, though it elite to nap on a record instead. The child is still blank and a chairman in question, Lal Mohan Rai, is roaming openly in Ara.

Rai had also served on a state’s Juvenile Justice Board and his reign was extended from 2008 to Nov 2014 by a state-level preference committee.

The blank child was handed over to him by military on Dec 4, 2014, hardly dual weeks after he unsuccessful to get another prolongation on a JJ Board, a semi-judicial physique that is obliged for monitoring institutions for juveniles in dispute with law.

His reign during a residence was also not though debate as district and event decider of Ara had taken difference to his control and in a news submitted to a Patna High Court on Aug 28, 2014. The HC had sought a news after non-judicial members of a JJ Board, in deficiency of a principal magistrate, extended a leave of deficiency of a murder indicted indefinitely.

News18 has accessed a papers that simulate vital lapses in youthful probity in a state during a time when Muzaffarpur preserve home sex liaison was unprotected by amicable review news of Tata Institute of Social Sciences.

When asked about a blank boy, a comparison central of amicable gratification dialect pronounced it would take time to hunt aged files.

The review opposite Rai had started in Mar 2016 by a afterwards SP. In his news to a district magistrate, he settled that a SHO of railway military had found a teenager child from one Saket Chaube and handed him over to Lal Mohan Rai, who was secretary of an NGO called Samagra Manav Vikas Samiti.

“We interrogated him on Mar 3. Rai told us that a child fled from his residence on April, 17, 2015. He claimed to have sensitive about a occurrence to a partner executive of child insurance section and Railway police. However, SHO of Railway military denied receiving any such information,” he said.

Subsequent to anticipating a report, a afterwards DM, Dr Veerendra Prasad Yadav, wrote a minute to a Director of a amicable gratification dialect of Patna on April, 29, 2016, informing him that a SP had asked a internal military hire to start authorised movement in this case. He also sought serve movement by a amicable gratification dialect in a matter.

But still no movement has been taken. The whole part raises critical questions on functioning of military and amicable gratification department, a biggest being that because was a child handed over to a private chairman when there was an operational government-run regard home during Dhanupura, Arrah-Patna road.

It also clearly points to a tradition of flitting a sire as a SP sent his review news to a DM and he forwarded it to a amicable gratification dialect instead of holding action. The amicable gratification department, headed by obligatory Manju Verma, simply sat on a report.

According to sources, Rai could have gotten another prolongation notwithstanding inauspicious acknowledgement of a decider though new preference criteria formed on nice Juvenile Justice Act, 2015 done it unfit as a row was now headed by a late High Court Judge and sinister credentials was mentioned as one of a reasons for rejection.

Earlier, a preference row was headed by a late IAS officer and a chairman sensitive with a preference process, told News18 that it was really easy to change a panel.

When News18 contacted Rai, he simply evaded a questions and reiterated that he had sensitive a military about disappearance of a teenager boy. When asked on what basement he kept a child during his house, he said, “I work for a seductiveness of children. So everybody knows me here. People hit me when they find any erratic child.”

On his army as a Juvenile Justice Board member, he indicted officials of shaming him and pronounced he had filed a numbers of PILs associated to a functioning of amicable gratification department.

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Article source: https://www.news18.com/news/india/boy-missing-from-illegal-shelter-home-for-3-years-nitish-kumar-administration-sleeps-on-complaint-1837249.html


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