Bigg Boss Tamil 2 highlights: Kamal Haasan entertains again, Oviya re-enters as a guest

Kamal Haasan

Kamal Haasan


After a successful initial season, a second deteriorate of Bigg Boss Tamil hosted by Kamal Haasan is back. This time, things are going to be some-more engaging as a actor has taken a core theatre not only as a horde though also a politician. Thus, we can design him formulating recognition and creation special announcements on Bigg Boss Tamil 2. With lots of play and fights, a final deteriorate of a uncover had each component that done it a large strike as a outcome of that it even surfaced a TRP charts. Expectations are high from this deteriorate as well.

Remember singer Oviya? The beautiful lady who became everybody’s favourite when she entered Bigg Boss Tamil. This time, she re-entered a residence though as a guest and a horde requested her to act like a contestant.

Have a demeanour during a list of contestants who have participated in Bigg Boss Tamil 2.

Yashika Anand 



Ananth Vaidyanathan 



Daniel Annie Pope 



Ramya NSK


Aishwarya Dutta 

Shariq Hassan


Mamathi Chari​ 


With so many eminent faces in a house, foe will be unequivocally tough. It is nonetheless to be seen who emerges as a winner.

Kamal Haasan’s uncover will be aired bland from 9 pm on Vijay Television. Will it conduct to win hearts? We will certainly get to know this in entrance days.

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