Bigg Boss 12 Oct 29 Highlights: Deepak falls for Somi, Karanvir and Jasleen close horns

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Bigg Boss 12 Oct 29 LIVE Updates: Deepak falls for Somi, Megha teams adult with Dipika

Bigg Boss 12 assignment charge always comes with a turn and tonight is no exception. Tonight, Bigg Boss will give housemates an event to save their friends instead of nominating their enemies for eviction. Deepak by trait of being a captain will be given a special energy to save his favourite competitor from elimination.

Deepak’s feelings for Somi Khan will also come out in open and Surbhi will inspire him to confess his adore to her. However, many to Deepak’s dismay, Somi crony zoned him.

There seems to be a lot of change in a attribute dynamics within a house.

Here are a Highlights for Bigg Boss 12 Oct 29 Episode

10: 00 PM: Sreesanth doesn’t respond for some time. Later, a dual disagree as Karanvir felt Sreesanth done him wait for no reason. Karanvir cofnides in Deepika about his annoy over Sreesanth’s behaviour.

9: 50 PM:  Karanvir tells Jasleen that she wanted 1st position and both get into an argument.

9: 40 PM: Sreesanth is ranked 1, Karanvir is ranked 2, Dipika is ranked 3 and Jasleen is ranked 4. Megha is ranked 5, Rohit is ranked 6 and Shivashish is ranked 7. Srishty is ranked 8th.Urvashi is ranked 9th, a slightest honourable chairman to be in a house, according to protected contestants Romil, Surbhi, Deepak and Somi.

9: 30 PM:  To piquancy things adult even further, Bigg Boss announces another charge – The Ranking Task, where a protected contestants will have to arrange a others from a scale of 1 to 9 with 1 being a many honourable competitor to stay in a house, and 9 being a slightest deserving.

9: 25 PM: Deepak confesses his feelings to Somi . Somi says shawl she sees him usually as a friend.

9: 20 PM: Captain Deepak gets a special energy to commission another housemate detached from Megha, Shivashish, Karanvir, Dipika, Urvashi, Rohit, Srishty, Jasleen. He names Sreesanth.

9: 15 PM: Bigg Boss threw nonetheless another bend round towards a contestants with a assignment routine for a week. Instead of nominating their associate contestants, this time a housemates had to give names of those they wanted to save from eliminations.

9: 10 PM; Romil says Megha is perplexing to mangle family and form her possess group. They also recognize how Dipika and Megha are entrance together.

9:05 PM: Somi had progressing pronounced how Deepak looks during her creates her uncomfortable. Now, Somi takes it as a fun and a chaff continues. The fun continues as Rohit and Srishty also plead this topic.

9:00 PM: Megha and Romil are deliberating about their strategies. She talks about her insecurities that she feels people competence only scapegoat her.

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