84 Stranded People Airlifted From Landslide-Hit North Sikkim


Over 80 people, including tourists, who were stranded in North Sikkim due to continuous rains and landslides, were airlifted by a armed army Monday, district administration officials said.

A sum of 84 people, including tourists and locals, were airlifted by helicopters. Forty dual people were flown from Chungtang to Gangtok, 22 from Chungthang to Bagdogra, 11 from Mangan to Gangtok, dual from Chaten to Gangtok and 7 people from Mangan to Chungthang, they said.

Five helicopters did a sorties from 6.30 am to airlift a stranded people and a whole operation was carried out by a 112 Mountain Brigade of a Indian Army posted in North Sikkim and a Indian Air Force.

On Sunday, over 100 tourists, including a profound woman, stranded in North Sikkim due to continuous rains and landslides, were evacuated by a armed forces.

The service and replacement work has started in a fight balance in North Sikkim district as a rains had stopped, they said.

The Energy and Power dialect has finished a charge of replacement of a shop-worn electricity connectors in a district, they said.

The H2O supply to many tools of a district domicile city of Mangan has been easy by a PHED Monday.

The Quick Response Team and a Forest dialect has privileged all a blocked roads in Mangan city and other areas, along a North Sikkim highway.

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